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The key to customer support and service excellence

Baumer hhs' commitment to first-class customer service!

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. Baumer hhs has always…

Erik Strasburger und unsere Auszubildenden

Career opportunities for future talents

These days Baumer hhs GmbH was represented at the "Vocatium - Trade Fair for Training/Studies" in the Seidenweberhaus Krefeld and presented itself to…

Sustainable transformation: Intelligent lighting system at Krefeld headquarters saves energy and sets standards

At a time when climate change and the conservation of natural resources are playing an increasingly important role worldwide, it is essential that…

Shaping the world's future: A contribution on re-usable packaging for Earth Overshoot Day

Today, 2nd August 2023, marks a critical point for our planet and its resources. It is Earth Overshoot Day, a date that signifies when humanity's…

The GDX 1000 cold glue sensor from Baumer hhs: The new standard in adhesive monitoring.

The folding carton manufacturing and flexible paper packaging industry is experiencing increasing demands. Both complex folding carton designs and the…

Unboxing the Future: Amazon's Perspective on Emerging Trends in Shipping Packaging

Emerging trends in shipping packaging are changing the industry. The shift towards using sales packaging as shipping packaging has become increasingly…

Sustainability and biodiversity: Let's allow some wildness

The fiber-based packaging industry is a beacon of sustainability in a world increasingly aware of its environmental responsibilities. The foundation…

Ushering in the new Era of Side Seam Gluing Solutions

Adhesive application is an integral part of straight-line box production. Traditional methods involving glue wheel units are now being challenged by a…

Stay up to date on e-commerce packaging: the mailbox-friendly packaging

The rise in digital switchers marks a shift toward more online purchases. This shopper group has increased its online purchases in all retail…

Grouped Beverage Packaging: Embracing the Shift to Eco-friendly Solutions

The beverage industry is witnessing a major shift in packaging practices, driven by environmental concerns, regulatory changes, and consumer demands.…