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The GDX 1000 cold glue sensor from Baumer hhs: The new standard in adhesive monitoring.

The folding carton manufacturing and flexible paper packaging industry is experiencing increasing demands. Both complex folding carton designs and the goal of using only as much adhesive as necessary increase the need for precise adhesive monitoring. This is where the GDX 1000 cold glue sensor from Baumer hhs comes into focus.

Adhesive monitoring in packaging production is critical to ensure that goods are packaged safely and reach their destination in perfect condition. Inconsistent or inadequate adhesive application can lead to damage during transportation, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and potential financial losses. Therefore, it is critical for companies to implement robust adhesive monitoring systems. These systems not only preserve the integrity of the packaging, but also contribute significantly to the overall customer experience. Ultimately, reliable adhesive monitoring plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Baumer hhs replaced its long-standing ULT 300 sensor with the newly developed GDX 1000 . This sensor proved itself in high numbers in the market over the last three years and increased customer satisfaction.
The true value of the cold glue sensor is not obvious at first sight. This compact and innovative GDX 1000 is not just about its outward appearance, but rather the advanced technology hidden within. These hidden features contribute significantly to its functionality, efficiency and reliability, making the GDX 1000 the new standard in cold glue adhesive monitoring.
The highlight of the high-end GDX 1000 sensor, which is based on state-of-the-art electronics, is its newly developed measuring principle. This innovative feature of the sensor enables it to bring significant advantages in demanding packaging applications.
With its doubled sampling frequency, the GDX 1000 features an increased resolution that significantly improves its detection capabilities of even the smallest adhesive applications. Thanks to this technological advancement, the GDX 1000 monitors both applied adhesives and adhesive-free areas with equal reliability. Its superior technology enables it to detect even the smallest defects with an unprecedented level of reliability. This includes the detection of fine adhesive splashes in areas that should be adhesive-free. This precision and efficiency in detecting irregularities greatly improves the quality of the end product and ensures that the highest standards are met.


This high level of precision is maintained even at the highest production speeds. In addition, the GDX 1000 detects adhesive applications equally effectively on printed flaps or a wide variety of package backgrounds, highlighting its versatility in monitoring adhesive application on a wide variety of surfaces.


The introduction of the GDX 1000 has transformed the production of automatic bottom, 4-point and 6-point cartons. The GDX 1000 has effectively put an end to erroneous defect detection in areas such as color transitions and angled edges, which were previously often incorrectly detected as adhesive. Consequently, perfectly glued blanks that were previously rejected due to perceived defects are now accurately detected and used, optimizing the production process. This advancement eliminates unnecessary false alarms and improves overall efficiency and quality control in cartonboard production.


The GDX 1000 increases operating and set-up efficiency by eliminating the need to set up blind areas, allowing reliable monitoring of adhesive-free areas in edge zones. The learning curve for this technology is remarkably short, allowing operators to quickly become familiar with the GDX 1000 and optimize its use.


Our customers confirm the exceptional features of the GDX 1000 and emphasize its significant impact on productivity and profitability. In particular, folding carton manufacturers praise the GDX 1000 for its outstanding performance in demanding applications. The GDX 1000 not only increases their production efficiency, but also ensures the highest reliability in their customers' packaging and filling lines by producing defect-free packaging. This has strengthened our customers' market position in an environment that demands defect-free production.


The introduction of the GDX 1000 has also met with great approval from machine operators. By simplifying and speeding up the work process, this easy-to-use GDX 1000 basically speaks for itself. The sensor's advanced technology not only optimizes performance, but also significantly reduces manual set-up time, increasing efficiency on the store floor.


We encourage all of our customers and those interested in maximizing efficiency in their operations to contact our sales team about Baumer hhs innovative monitoring solutions. Our team is committed to providing you with tailored advice and guidance to ensure you select the most appropriate solution for your specific needs.


Thomas Walther

Corporate Strategy & Innovation Baumer hhs