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Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday: Challenges for the packaging industry

Black Friday Week and the following Cyber Monday are a significant highlight for retailers and e-commerce companies each year. But the exciting bargains and discounts consumers expect are accompanied by a massive increase in shipping volume. This challenge brings significant changes for folding carton and e-commerce packaging manufacturers.

According to a report by Logistics Watchblog (, package volumes during Black Friday Week are four times higher than during normal weeks. The immense demand for online orders, driven by customers looking for the best deals, requires well-designed and efficient logistics and packaging.


The challenges in the packaging industry during this time are many:

1. packaging efficiency: folding carton and e-commerce packaging manufacturers must ensure that their products are designed to optimize the shipping and storage process. Packaging large volumes of products quickly and without errors is critical.


2. Sustainability: In an era where sustainability is playing an increasingly important role, packaging manufacturers must develop solutions that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Increased shipping volumes inevitably lead to more packaging material and waste, challenging the industry to create sustainable packaging options.


3. Delivery times: Customers expect fast delivery, especially during Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday. Manufacturers and retailers need to ensure their packaging and logistics processes meet delivery time and condition requirements.


This is where Baumer hhs comes in. 


As a partner to the packaging industry, Baumer hhs already offers solutions in adhesive application and quality control that meet the challenges of the future. Their advanced technologies enable precise, fast and efficient production of folding cartons at full capacity. This is crucial to also meet the demands of increasing shipping volumes during Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday.

In addition, Baumer hhs focuses on sustainability. Its solutions help make packaging more environmentally friendly by minimizing the consumption of adhesives while ensuring maximum product safety. For example, in studies on the innovative CorrBox Solution System, Baumer hhs proves that there is no negative reduction in packaging safety when adhesive application is minimized by 50%. (more information at: Webinar Recording: Boosting Economic and Ecological Efficiency EN - YouTube).
This is an important step towards sustainable packaging.

Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly exciting times for shoppers and sellers, but they also present significant challenges for the packaging industry. Manufacturers of folding cartons and e-commerce packaging must meet increasing demands for efficiency, sustainability and quality to ensure that products reach customers safely and on time. It remains exciting to observe how the industry will master these challenges in the coming years - Baumer hhs already has tomorrow's solutions today.


Florian Lemke, Baumer hhs