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Sustainable transformation: Intelligent lighting system at Krefeld headquarters saves energy and sets standards

At a time when climate change and the conservation of natural resources are playing an increasingly important role worldwide, it is essential that companies take their responsibilities seriously and take steps to implement sustainable practices. A remarkable example of this is provided by the Krefeld-based company, which is making not only its products but also its sites and workplaces more sustainable.

A shining example in Krefeld.
The company took a significant step towards sustainability this year by introducing an intelligent lighting system at its headquarters in Krefeld. This groundbreaking project aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining a pleasant working environment.
LED revolution indoors and outdoors.
Earlier this year, hundreds of conventional light fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient LED fixtures in the building. This first step already helped drastically reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. But the company went one better and extended its measures to the outdoor area.
In the second step, all outdoor luminaires were equipped with an intelligent LED system. These modern luminaires are not only energy-efficient, but also intelligently networked. Motion and light sensors were installed both indoors and outdoors. These sensors detect whether people are in a room or area and how strong the ambient light is. This results in automatic adjustment of the lighting intensity. In case of absence or sufficient brightness due to daylight, the lights are dimmed or even switched off.
Energy savings and ecological progress.
The results speak for themselves: compared to the 2020 reference year, the company is currently recording impressive energy savings of 17%. This impressive figure illustrates how effective sustainable technologies can be when used intelligently.
It is particularly noteworthy that these savings were achieved despite the retrofit of the air conditioning system. This illustrates that energy efficiency is not just possible on paper, but delivers tangible results in practice.
A glimpse into the future.
This groundbreaking project is just the beginning of the company's broader sustainability agenda. Other sustainable projects are currently underway to further reduce environmental impact and manifest the company's responsibility to future generations.
At a time when environmental protection and resource efficiency are of paramount importance, the Krefeld-based company is demonstrating that it not only manufactures innovative products, but is also an example of how companies can responsibly shape their operations. The combination of technology and awareness marks a decisive step towards a more sustainable future.


Florian Lemke