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EU Ecodesign Regulation

EU Ecodesign Regulation for operating displays from Baumer hhs

With Regulation (EU) 2019/2021, the European Commission has set certain ecodesign requirements for electronic displays to promote the development of the circular economy by extending product life cycles and improving the disposal and recycling of end-of-life devices.

Baumer hhs fully implements the requirements for the display products concerned, from design and labeling, access to spare parts lists and delivery, to easy access to information on disposal, repair and recycling at the end of life.


Access to End of Life documentation

Here you will find downloadable instructions that give you access to the various product components for recycling our display products at the end of their life cycle:

Control unit disassembly


Spare parts and accessories

A list of spare parts and accessories for our display products can be found here:

Control unit spare parts


If you would like to order spare parts or accessories, please contact our Support / Service department (, stating the model, serial number and software version.


Access to professional repair information data

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, repair information is only passed on to qualified repair technicians.

If you are a professional, competent repairer and intend to repair our products, you can request access to the necessary repair information for our products. We require proof of qualification from you (journeyman's certificate, master craftsman's certificate) as well as proof of insurance covering your liability in connection with your work.

Please contact our support / service ( and request the registration form.