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Xcheck DCM


Xcheck DCM - 100 % control of die-cutting sheets in the feeder

With Xcheck DCM (Die Cutting Monitor), we are presenting the latest generation of our camera system for sub-mix control in sheetfed die cutting machines. In addition to barcodes, the new high-end quality control system can also reliably read and decode the 2D codes Datamatrix and QR code. This gives Xcheck DCM a unique selling point in the market.

With our high-end SmartCam DCM camera, which our experts developed specifically for the Xcheck DCM system, the system meets the extremely high requirements for the performance of the camera technology and the decoding of the read data.
Its extremely high read rate plays perfectly with the latest generation of our Xtend3 controller. This makes sub-mix control in sheetfed diecutting machines with 2D codes possible at the highest production speeds.

As a matrix camera, the SmartCam DCM can reliably read the codes even when the sheets are still slightly in motion. This makes the Xcheck DCM system particularly suitable for use in the latest die cutters, whose register systems align the sheets as they move.

In addition to the barcodes Standard Code, Pharma Code and EAN / UPC, the SmartCam DCM also reads 2D codes Datamatrix and QR code.