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Baumer hhs Now Also Present in Mexico with Its Own Team

Krefeld – The Baumer Group, a leading manufacturer of sensors, angle sensors, measurement instruments and automated imaging components, with headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, established company offices in Mexico on 1 May 2023. Baumer hhs, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Baumer Group and a leading, internationally operating manufacturer of industrial gluing systems in conjunction with quality assurance equipment, will now also be represented in the Latin American country by a team of several employees.


“Our company maintains very close connections with customers, as reflected in our global presence, and they appreciate that. We are very pleased that our parent company has established a subsidiary in this large and populous Latin American country. It has put in place the necessary infrastructure for Baumer hhs to also support customers locally, with its own sales and service experts,” explains General Manager Igor Pinto, who has acquired over 25 years of management experience in the manufacturing and packaging industries since obtaining his academic qualifications in Mexico, Spain and the USA. Igor Pinto has comprehensive expertise in business management and development, as well as in the requirements of customer service in the Mexican market and other regions of Latin America.


“Mexico is also seeing a steady rise in the demands that consumers place on product quality in general. The same goes for the manufacturing industry and the demands it imposes on the performance of its production processes. In the packaging industry in particular, production processes additionally must be highly resource-efficient. All these demands open up a range of opportunities in the Mexican market for the gluing and quality assurance systems from Baumer hhs”, Pinto explains. One example he mentions is the company’s innovative Glue Save Mode (stitching mode), which can reduce adhesive consumption by up to 60% in many packaging applications, while enhancing adhesive strength. “That’s not only a tremendous economic advantage for our customers, it also improves the environmental impact of their products and production processes.”


With its diverse solutions for industrial gluing and quality assurance, Baumer hhs fulfils a variety of requirements for customers, from entry-level solutions to high-end systems that meet the strictest demands. This is another factor that makes the German manufacturer the ideal partner for Mexican companies involved in adhesive applications of all kinds, such as securing pallet loads with pressure-sensitive adhesives that can eliminate or at least significantly reduce the use of shrink-wrap. What is more, the equipment from Baumer hhs is very easy to operate, meaning that even less-qualified operators can reliably achieve high quality in industrial gluing processes.


“Right now, we are putting together our team of specialists in Mexico. We are looking for several qualified employees for sales and service in Mexico City, Monterrey and Santiago de Querétaro. Our objective is to show existing and new customers the numerous possibilities that our equipment offers to optimise their processes. We want to support these customers by giving them access to local company representatives who understand the complexities of their needs and speak their language. New team members will receive training at our expanded hhs solution-center at headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, to thoroughly prepare them for their responsibilities”, Pinto adds.