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Sustainable Packaging News

New solution from Baumer hhs for securing pallet and transport loads significantly reduces the use of plastic film

Baumer hhs has come up with a clever new idea for securing transport and shipping boxes on pallets that supports industry efforts to minimise packaging waste, largely eliminate plastic from packaging processes and reduce resource use.


The principle is as simple as it is intelligent: Prior to palletising, the new application system sprays an anti-slip hot melt adhesive onto the boxes. Just a small amount is enough to secure the boxes—ideally stacked in an interlocked pattern—on all layers of a pallet and keep them from shifting during transport. In-house transports in particular are possible without any pallet wrap at all in many cases.


This resource-saving innovation from Baumer hhs minimises the plastic film used to secure pallet loads, such as stretch, shrink and tube wrap, which in turn dramatically reduces waste volumes, cuts costs, and simplifies logistics.


It also streamlines depalletising work, because less plastic wrap has to be removed. Intermediate pallet layers, such as paper slip sheets, are no longer necessary. In view of the acute labour shortage, simplifying logistics in this way can be an important factor for industrial businesses. Further, the new solution mitigates typical depalletising risks: boxes filled with product that can slip off a pallet, sharp cutters used by workers to remove plastic wrap, plastic waste lying around on the floor that can be tripped over.


The significant reduction in both pallet wrap use and waste also improves the resource-efficiency of transport and logistics processes. Another ecological aspect: The boxes, which are sprayed with minimal amounts of non-slip adhesive, can be discarded in the existing paper recycling system. In contrast, the polyethylene films (PE-LD and PE-HD) frequently used to secure pallet and transport loads are not readily recyclable.


“This resource-saving innovation for securing pallet and transport loads has elicited an overwhelming response across the market. After observing the first few systems in operation at leading companies in various industries to verify the significant advantages, we are now shipping the solution worldwide”, explains Martin Kotecki, Packaging Business Development Manager at Baumer hhs. A number of the companies had several of their packaging lines equipped with the new gluing system, which revealed another plus: An investment in this innovative solution can pay off within about a year, based solely on the sizeable reduction in plastic film consumption.


As an all-round solution, the new system can be flexibly integrated into the conveyors, between the end packing and palletising of transport and shipping boxes. The basic version includes a mount with crosspiece, two HM-500 hot melt spray application heads, a sensor for detecting the boxes, an Xmelt melter and an Xact controller. The system is scalable to meet individual customer requirements. The HM-500 application heads also guarantee versatility: They reliably apply all common pressure-sensitive adhesives available on the market with various levels of adhesion or stickiness.


“Since it was founded over 35 years ago, our company has totally redefined industrial gluing in many areas to benefit our customers. And we’ve done it again in yet another field of application in the packaging market with this innovative solution for securing  pallet and transport loads”, says Martin Kotecki.


Baumer hhs first introduced the new adhesive application system in June 2023 at the interpack trade show. It immediately attracted the attention of visitors to the company’s stand, and several ordered test systems right at the event.