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Healthcare Packaging

Die-cutting Monitor

The Baumer hhs Xcheck DCM monitor eliminates the risk of die-cutting the wrong sheets and blanks advancing to a folder gluer.

The Baumer hhs Xcheck DCM die-cutting monitor can monitor product mix-ups in the sheetfed die cutters used by folding carton manufacturers. The quality control system can reliably read and decode not only 1D barcodes, but also 2D data matrix and QR barcodes.


Because the SmartCam DCM is a matrix camera, it can reliably read codes, even if sheets are still moving slightly. This makes the Xcheck DCM suitable for use in the newest die cutters, which are equipped with register systems that position sheets while they are in motion.


The Xcheck DCM can monitor product mix-ups from top or bottom. The latter configuration is required, for instance, when processing blister packs with back printing, pharmaceutical packaging with inside printing or laminated and printed microflute. For these applications, the system can be flexibly adapted to customer needs. The same applies to sheetfed die cutters with dynamic feed systems. Finally, the new camera can easily be integrated in existing die cutters as a standalone system to monitor product mix-ups. In this case, the SmartCam DCM can be flexibly positioned using machine-specific adjustable crosspieces.