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Knowledge, skill and customer satisfaction: The mission of the hhs solution-center

At the Baumer hhs training centre the focus is on the continuous training of service technicians. In the month of September, the Baumer hhs solution-center, in cooperation with the BDM, once again impressed with the high quality of its training courses.

Under the expert guidance of trainer Bodo Matheisen-Lichters, seven service technicians from different countries were given the opportunity to take part in an intensive one-week training course. Even experienced technicians found valuable learning opportunities at the training centre, further enhancing their skills.


The training courses at the hhs solution-center aim not only to deepen theoretical knowledge, but also to promote the practical application of knowledge in real customer situations. After the training, the participants are required to apply their freshly acquired knowledge safely and effectively with customers.


This approach reflects the corporate philosophy of Baumer hhs, which focuses on customer satisfaction. The service technicians play a crucial role in this by helping to ensure that customers always receive the best solutions for their individual requirements.


At the hhs solution-center, great importance is attached to familiarising technicians not only with up-to-date information but also with the latest technologies and methods. This not only ensures a high quality of the services provided, but also contributes to customer satisfaction.


Finally, we wish the training participants every success in safely applying their freshly acquired knowledge to the customers. Their commitment is an important contribution to customer satisfaction and to strengthening the position of Baumer hhs as one of the leading companies in the industry.