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From training to career: Baumer hhs is delighted to welcome successful graduates

Baumer hhs is proud of the successful completion of two promising talents: Yusuf Kaya and Julian Baums have successfully completed their training as industrial clerks, laying the foundations for a successful professional career.

What particularly distinguishes these two graduates is their impressive commitment, which enabled them to shorten the regular training period by six months. This outstanding achievement not only reflects the commitment of the two trainees, but also testifies to the excellent training quality that is a top priority at Baumer hhs.
Yusuf Kaya and Julian Baums are now starting their professional journey at Baumer hhs with pride and joy.


Yusuf Kaya will be working as a new member of the company's finance and accounting department and is aiming for further development in the direction of controlling. His professional expertise and commitment promise a successful future in this area.


Julian Baums is starting his career in Customer Care. This is where he will contribute his strong communication skills and technical understanding. His commitment in this area reflects the diversity of talent that Baumer hhs produces.

The company is proud to welcome these two talented graduates to its team and is convinced that Yusuf Kaya and Julian Baums will make a significant contribution to its continued success. 
The promotion of young talents and their successful integration into the company has always been a top priority for Baumer hhs.
With the successful graduation of the two, Baumer hhs is sending a further signal of the importance of qualified training and the development of young specialists.