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4evergreen and Baumer hhs: Together for sustainable packaging solutions

The packaging industry is undergoing a significant transformation, pivoting towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. At the heart of this shift is the enhancement of recycling processes, especially in the recovery of fibers from paper products.

A prime example of these efforts is the 4evergreen initiative, a coalition dedicated to maximizing fiber yield in paper recycling. 4evergreen's mission is to boost the recycling rate of fibers, thereby making a substantial contribution to environmental protection.


To achieve this ambitious goal, 4evergreen has developed guidelines designed to assist the packaging industry in adopting more efficient and eco-friendly recycling methods. These guidelines set the bar for assessing the recyclability of packaging materials, fostering a more transparent and effective industry practice.


A recognized player in this movement is Baumer hhs, a founding member of 4evergreen. As a leading force in the packaging industry, Baumer hhs demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness through its active participation in the initiative. The company leverages its extensive expertise and experience to support and realize the objectives of 4evergreen, showcasing a model of industry leadership in sustainable practices.


Watch this concise video for a quick overview of 4evergreen's objectives and journey, offering valuable insights into our mission and goals:


Discover the latest advancements in sorting and recycling technologies, including innovations in barrier layer recycling, through this brief video featuring the 4evergreen innovation workstreams.


Thomas Walther, responsible for Strategy & Innovation at Baumer hhs, also co-leads with Lars Axrup from Stora Enso  the 4evergreen Innovation workstream, driving forward these critical environmental initiatives.