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Second plant in Krefeld for further growth

22.05.2023 Since its foundation in 1986, Baumer hhs has been growing continuously. After the leading manufacturer of self-developed solutions for industrial adhesive application and the associated quality assurance had only moved into a newly built headquarters at its headquarters in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, at the beginning of 2014, it now has to expand its production capacities again.


Thus, Baumer hhs has opened its Plant 2 on 1 May 2023 – just a stone's throw away from its headquarters. Here, almost 900m2 of additional production and storage space will support the company's further growth.


Additional capacity needed

"In recent years, we have brought a number of groundbreaking innovations to the market with which we are virtually knocking down open doors with packaging manufacturers all over the world. When we planned our headquarters, we included generous expansion reserves. However, in view of the dynamic demand for our solutions, these have already been exhausted. That is why we now need additional production capacity and storage space. We are very pleased that we were able to find this in the immediate vicinity of our headquarters in a new industrial estate in Krefeld-Uerdingen," explains plant manager Dr Frauke von Knoop, who is responsible at Baumer hhs for the company's now three production sites in Krefeld-Uerdingen and in Berlin.


Manufacturers of folding boxes and packaging made of corrugated board as well as end packers have always appreciated the performance, flexibility and reliability of the solutions from Baumer hhs. The same applies to the company's willingness to meet the individual requirements of its customers. Pioneering innovations of the recent past also allow them to significantly improve the environmental balances of their products and processes. They do justice in a special way to the industry megatrend towards resource-saving packaging production.


One example is the Glue Save Mode (Stitching Mode) from Baumer hhs, which in many applications allows the adhesive application to be switched to precisely metered and applied adhesive dots and areas. By interrupting the adhesive application in a defined way, adhesive consumption can be reduced by up to 60% – and with it CO2 emissions. Among others, the revolutionary new CorrBox Solution for adhesive application in the production of corrugated packaging and the Side Seam Gluing Solution for side seam gluing in folding cartons can operate in stitching mode. The Side Seam Gluing Solution also eliminates the cleaning effort required by the disc gluing units that previously had to be used in the production of longitudinal seam boxes. In addition, at least 30 litres of hot water were consumed each time such gluing units were cleaned.


 Resource-saving packaging production

Working with bio-based adhesives or low-temperature hot glues and securing pallets in the final packaging with pressure-sensitive adhesives, which saves the use of shrink films, are just a few more examples of how solutions from Baumer hhs enable resource-saving packaging production. Rethink, renew, recycle – rethinking adhesive application. This is the philosophy behind the broad sustainability strategy. Frauke von Knoop: "In addition to the permanent further increase in the performance and flexibility of our systems for adhesive application and quality assurance, it has become an essential factor in the dynamic growth of our company, which now makes the capacity expansions necessary."


In its new plant, which is within a three-minute walk of its headquarters, Baumer hhs has a high-bay warehouse with 500 pallet spaces. This is where mainly semi-finished products and pre-products are stored. Like the headquarters, the attractive new location on Adolf-Dembach-Straße in Krefeld-Uerdingen is also conveniently situated in terms of transport. The A57 Autobahn is only a few hundred metres away.


Furthermore, Baumer hhs has additional meeting rooms for internal meetings at its new location. Thus, the rooms available at the headquarters can be increasingly used for meetings with customers from all over the world who come to Krefeld-Uerdingen to test innovative applications in industrial adhesive application and the associated quality assurance together with the company's experts in the 300m2 hhs solution centre.