Innovative technologies from Baumer hhs save resources and costs

Sustainability is today a dominant topic in all areas of production,. Existing processes are being optimised to make more efficient use of energy.
Baumer hhs has consistently implemented this idea and offers systems that are tailored to your processes, save energy and conserve resources.


Efficient use of energy
Xmelt hot melt units are generally highly insulated and not only protect the adhesive, but also minimise energy consumption. Xmelt melters basically melt only the required amount of adhesive and not the entire tank. This means that the operating temperature is reached faster due to the short warm-up time. Compared to other systems, this saves about 25% energy during heating, and up to 50% during production.


Cost savings
The low energy consumption of the Baumer hhs Xmelt systems minimises your energy costs. So, every device can easily save several hundred euros in energy costs each year.


Saving resources
Intelligent gluing systems help save resources. Adhesive is saved by fast-switching application heads that are also suitable for the application of dots. Depending on the application, you can save different amounts of adhesive by changing from lines to dots. In most applications, our dot application is capable of achieving the same adhesion (bonding strength) between the joined parts, such as card or corrugated board, as with bead application. With fast-switching application heads from Baumer hhs, you can reliably apply the adhesive at the required frequency. Savings of up to 70% and more are not uncommon, no matter whether you use hot melt or cold glue. You can do accurate calculations quickly and easily online with our Adhesive Savings Calculator. Just enter your product data in the calculator and take advantage of our expertise.


Carbon Footprint
More and more customers want information from their suppliers regarding the CO2 emissions of their production operations. This serves as the basis for calculating the carbon footprint of the end product, including packaging, production and transport. In brand communication, this is being used as an increasingly important marketing tool to position products and businesses. The calculations should be based on the normative foundations of DIN/ISO to be internationally comparable. Thus, the use of efficient means of production, such as Xmelt equipment from Baumer hhs, is a necessary step towards reducing CO2 emissions in production. One Xmelt hot melt system reduces the CO2 load by about 1 tonne per year in 3-shift operation. Switching from continuous glue beads to dots can even increase this by a multiple, depending on the adhesive used and the quantity of adhesive.


Feel free to contact us for more information and specific calculations.