The new electromagnetic hot melt application head

System tesla pro

The heart of the tesla hipro system is the electromagnetic application head for hot melt application. The use of tesla pro leads to a marked reduction in production costs due to eliminating compressed air and the very long service life of the application head of up to 1 billion switching operations.

Controlled via the Baumer hhs Controller tesla pro permits extremely fast switching cycles of 600 Hz.

tesla pro advantages

  • Electromagnetic hot melt application head for glue beads and dots
  • Application frequency: 600 Hz
  • 10 times longer service life, compared to electropneumatic hot melt application heads
  • Reduction of operating noise by 30 dB – compared to electropneumatic hot melt application heads – to 65 dB
  • Cost savings through elimination of the compressed-air supply
  • For use with Xmelt hot melt systems with Xpect / VE04 Controller
  • Max. pressure 80 bar
  • Integrated overtemperature cut-out
  • Plug-in module
  • Thermal insulation
  • The nozzle is opened electrically and closed by spring Action
  • Dot application even at the highest machine Speeds
  • Excellent cut-off characteristics, even during high-speed, intermittent gluing
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for adhesives with viscosities up to 5,000 mPa.s
  • Glue saving due to dot application

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