Granule Feeders

Automatic feeding ensures uninterrupted production and is gentle on the adhesive


Industrial hot melt processes are more and more focusing on the reduction of interruptions, cleaning and maintenance. To meet the growing demands of customers, Baumer hhs extended its Xmelt Series by a device that sets standards. Seamlessly integrated into the Xmelt family, the feeder keeps the adhesive level in the melter automatically constant. This is gentle on the adhesive and saves time, resulting in increased productivity. The operators have their hands free for the essentials of their job. Contact with hot melt is almost completely impossible.


The Xmelt melter is easily converted for automatic filling from large bags. So, the system remains modular for later upgrades, and the equipment can grow with the requirements of the users. The device is ready with just one switch. As soon as the hot melt in the tank drops below a certain level, the device feeds in just enough granules to prevent degradation. The melting zone remains covered at all times. No adhesive is melted unnecessarily. So, businesses that only use small amounts of hot melt also benefit. Empty tanks and overfilling are a thing of the past. Impurities can no longer get into the tank.