Baumer hhs controllers for gluing can be retrofitted on any manufacturer's machines. Supplied with sensors and encoders, they detect all the input variables of the controller. The controller opens the application heads – be it for cold glue or hot melt – on the basis of the input signals in very rapid succession. The result is a consistently identical glue pattern on every product in series production. Controller and machine can exchange additional electrical data in both directions.



Precision gluing for all applications.

Xact the new 4 channel controller.
With the controller’s intuitive user interface, you can effortlessly operate up to four application heads. Common to all Baumer hhs controllers, the user interface facilitates setup for machine operators. In the case of repeat orders, setup times can further be optimised by simply retrieving the order from memory.

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Smart System with multi-touch technology.

The new designed modular Xtend³ controller offers state of the art technology for glue application and quality assurance.  A 21,5" 16:9 full HD multi-touch display builds up the user interface. The easy to use software can be handled like a tablet pc. Internal detection of all Baumer hhs components reduces the setup effort significantly.

- 21,5" Multi-touch display

- Internal detection of Baumer hhs components

- Communication with cold glue pumps and hot melt melters

- All Information is centralised 

- Network connection for remote diagnosis

- Personalised access authorisation

- Production statistics

- Station allocation with intelligent Distributor

- Product tracking according to the fail-safe principle

- Full camera integration


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dot board

PLC connection for perfect glue application.


The dot board is the perfect way to go from line application to dot application. Upgrade your packaging line and safe glue and reduce corbon dioxide emissions.

The dot board can be operated easily via a PC or with the optional operating unit. Set the dotsize with one click, or choose the amont of glue you want to safe. It is up to you how you do it. The result is a perfect glued box with less glue. This saves money and CO2.  

- 4 channel controller

- Easy integration in PLC cabinet

- For hot melt and cold glue application heads

- Minimizes cleanup in packaging lines

- Optional with operating unit

- Add multiple dot boards for additional application heads


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dot box

The dot box offers the same advantages as the dot board, but the operator of packaging machines does not have to make any changes to his control cabinet. The external control unit is based on the well-known Xact series and can be easily integrated.


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Intuitive, efficient, reliable

The new generation of Xpect controllers makes use of the proven and advanced operating concept of the Xtend² controllers. They are therefore the ideal entry-level models for controlling gluing.

The screen and the controller are separate, thus enabling them to be optimally and independently positioned on the machine. Long cables to the application heads are a thing of the past.

Today, the Xpect controller has state-of-the-art electronics. The innovative switched-mode power supply of Xpect controllers is unaffected by voltage fluctuations and therefore ensures trouble-free production without requiring additional UPS units.

Glue pressure settings are conveniently adjusted on the centrally installed display. Preset default values can be reloaded at any time and ensure stable production.
The new pressure curve setting option enables the operator to carry out changes simply and have them visualised directly.
The essential data of hot melt units are displayed and remain in sight at all times, if so desired.



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