Cold Glue Application Heads

Electromagnetic application heads

Steadily rising machine speeds demand fast gluing systems with high precision. Electromagnetic application heads from Baumer hhs allow intermittent application at speeds that can no longer be served by conventional mechanical systems.

Vario application heads

Extremely fast-switching electromagnetic application heads for non-contact application of glue dots. Compact design with integrated sliding nozzle sealer to protect the nozzle from drying out during stops. Max. cycle rate: 1,000 cycles/sec.



P-application heads



P-500 electric cold glue application heads for dot and line gluing. The robust glue application heads with extremely high reserve capacity guarantee maximum production reliability with minimum maintenance. The Dot Mode allows application of the tiniest amounts of adhesive. If more glue is required, the combination of optimised application head flow and a maximum glue pressure of 50 bar provides a wide setting range, allowing adjustment of the applied glue amount to the product and the machine speed at any time.



Multiple Heads

Electromagnetic multi-application heads from Baumer hhs have no moving seals, are thus virtually wear-free, and permit longitudinal, cross- and dot-gluing.

The sealed system of our electromagnetic application heads minimises setup and maintenance times, thus increasing machine productivity. Non-contact gluing further reduces contamination.


Electro-pneumatic application heads



Compact application heads for delivery pressures of up to 24 bar.



Heavy-duty application heads, controlled by differential pistons, for high-pressure applications up to 80 bar. Also available in coating and spray versions.



The right head for your application

HeadCoating applicationDot applicationLine applicationSpray application
P 500XXX
V 500X
D 500XX

This is just an excerpt of possible applications. Detailed information on your application, please contact our specialists in your country.