System overview

Xfeed bag station

The bag station is your centralised storage of adhesive. Related to your consumption it can be the Xfeed bag station, or the Xfeed big bag station with a capacity of 1000 kg. Glue can be stored outside your production, in the warehouse. No more glue transportation in the production area with a risk of spilled adhesive granules.

Xfeed center

The heart of the System.
Everything is controlled here centraly. The center knows the actual demand of hot melt granule at every melter which is connected to the system. Operated via the innovative touchscreen display, the center distributes the granule related to the actual demand. The integrated feed tower handels the adhesive granule and conveys from 0,5L up to 10L in every single operation.    

Xfeed distributor

The linearly operated Xfeed distributor is linked to the terminal devices. The adhesive granules delivered to it are distributed to the hot melt units based on current demand (configurable with 4 or 8 connections, as required by the application). The number of connected hot melt units can be flexibly increased to up to 20 by integrating additional Xfeed distributors.

Xfeed filler

The adapter on a hot melt unit transports the granules to the melting tank. The fill level in the hot melt unit is measured by an adjustable capacitive sensor. Xfeed filler is manufacturer-independent and adaptable to customer needs.

The Xfeed filler integrates competitor melters to the system.

Melt on demand with Xfeed.

The Xfeed system is highly flexible and is perfectly adjustable to your production facility.


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