The new all-electric hot melt application head

The revolution in hot melt adhesive application has begun.


The tesla all-electric hot melt applicator is revolutionizing adhesive dispensing.

Nikola Tesla was a great inventor and his life's work revolutionized the transmission of electrical energy. The new tesla hot melt applicator from Baumer hhs adds value to hot melt applications in the packaging industry.

With its extra long 1 billion cycle life, 24 VDC actuation, and no need for compressed air, tesla lets packaging customers save glue by adding dotting to their applications, while not increasing spare part consumption. 
There is also a version available that can plug into most existing hot melt systems.


Baumer hhs tesla.  Something really different.

For more information and details about the different versions of the tesla series see the following pages.

tesla the innovative all-electric hot melt applicator

The tesla systems

  • System go ⇒ Entry level system. Easy, economical system to start working with hhs products

  • System evo ⇒ System with a higher level of integration

  • System pro ⇒ System with advanced functions. Glue application, controll and glue inspection