Process optimisation for your packaging lines

Centralised adhesive supply for an entire packaging production system. The new Xfeed from Baumer hhs is the world’s first system to supply adhesive to all the hot melt units in a facility. The adhesive granules are distributed even across long distances from the storage area to the devices, which are then filled automatically.  

Connect up to 20 hot melt units to one Xfeed system, and forget about glue transportation and handling.

Xfeed is constructed to work with Baumer hhs Xmelt and competitor systems! 


Your Benefits

  • No manual refilling of hot melt units, no risk of charing
  • Cleanliness and industrial hygiene
  • No granules in the production area
  • Can be connected to hot melt units from all manufacturers
  • Just one adhesive storage in the plant
  • Cost cutting in maintenance and service up to 90%
  • Melt on demand
  • Always perfect glue condition
  • Flexible use of space in the production
  • Transport distance up to 200 m
  • Modular expandable System
  • Energy savings

System Components