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In the production of shipping boxes, one or two strips of pressure-sensitive adhesive are applied to the closure flap and then covered with silicone paper. A tear strip can also be applied in addition to the adhesive. Once articles are packed inside, the silicone paper is peeled off the outer adhesive strip to seal the shipping box. If a customer wants to return items, the original box can be resealed using the second adhesive strip. The pressure-sensitive adhesive loses none of its functionality underneath the silicone strip.


The requirements
The gluing process has to meet strict requirements for this application. The adhesive layer has to be thick enough to smooth out any unevenness in the surface of the board or even out the corrugated structure. Perfect application means achieving a continuous, homogeneous adhesive surface with clean cut-off. The resulting box can be securely and flawlessly sealed and the goods inside protected against damage during transport.

Baumer hhs provides you with a system of perfectly matched components, serving as a single supplier for your entire application.



The Baumer hhs system in a glance:


Xmelt XMG 100 Melting unit

HM 500-C Application head


  • Precision application of multiple pressure-sensitive adhesive strips
  • Tear strip can be integrated
  • 250 m/min maximum production speed
  • 100 kg/h melt rate
  • Application weight up to 500 gr/m²
  • Application width: 12 - 25 mm
  • Steady flow nozzle geometry
  • For adhesives up to 15,000 mPa∙s
  • Hot melt unit with volumetric flow controller
  • Anti-stick coated tank
  • Everything you need from a single supplier




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