Corona crisis

Important information on the delivery situation

As system-relevant companies, many of our customers make an invaluable contribution to supplying the population with food and pharmaceutical products. Corrugated board and folding cartons are indispensable in the necessary logistics processes. Instruction leaflets provide important information on the use of medical products.

We understand that you are concerned about press releases reporting delivery problems of important components. The Corona pandemic is bringing large parts of production at home and abroad to a standstill. Where companies continue to manufacture in Germany, bottlenecks in the supply of foreign input products may quickly arise as the virus spreads globally and appropriate control measures are taken.

These justified concerns cause us to actively inform you about the delivery situation of spare parts. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the availability of spare parts in this dynamic world situation is 100% guaranteed in every case. However, we assure you that we take all measures to maintain this ability to supply to the best possible extent. Furthermore, facts speak for the fact that Baumer hhs is more robust than many other companies in terms of delivery capability.


1. We have never stopped looking after our local suppliers. Many important components of our adhesive application technology come from local suppliers who can also substitute each other.

2. We are in close contact with our suppliers. The existing relationship of trust with our suppliers facilitates close coordination and flexibility. There are no impairments in the production of pre-components at present.

3. Even before the Corona crisis, Baumer hhs has consistently pursued a second-source strategy. For most products there are two suppliers who can substitute each other. Only in the area of electronic components has this not always been successful.

4. Even before the crisis, we continuously adjusted the inventories of critical parts to changing market requirements and expanded our safety stocks.

5. We consistently rely on home offices and divided teams to remain capable of acting in the event of a corona incident.


At the same time, we see a strongly increasing trend of spare parts orders from our customers in order to be able to react quickly in case of a defect. This goes as far as orders for complete replacement components. We are responding to this steep rise in demand for individual components by increasing the order volume. Production capacities of our suppliers can lead to delays in delivery, but not to a delivery stop at the moment.


We will actively inform you about changes in the situation. We would like to thank you once again for your trust in us and our products.


Baumer hhs GmbH