In print finishing – Few parameters for easy operation

100% checking of package inserts with camera systems.

Misprints or mix-ups in the production of pharmaceutical or cosmetic package inserts can be fatal. A variety of system configurations may be necessary to meet quality requirements during production;

- blank sheet detection
- pattern matching
- code reading.

Baumer hhs has combined all these requirements in a single system. Camera monitoring can be integrated with gluing or water scoring and controlled centrally. However, the camera system is also available as a stand-alone system with two cameras. Gluing components cannot be retrofitted in this case.

The following functions are already included in the integrated system.

- Data matrix recognition
- Ejector control


They are available as options for the stand-alone system.

The new, self-explanatory user interface on a touch screen permits central operation of the complete system. The simple and unified navigation menu allows quick and easy system setting. Once the job is set, it can be saved and retrieved for repeat jobs without the need to re-set the system each time. Alternatively, the entire machine data and job pattern data can be stored, along with the production logs, via a network or on a USB stick.
Baumer hhs has given the camera a sturdy housing to guard it against dust and accidental knocks, and to provide strain relief for the camera cables.


Automatic Ejection

The ejector controller offers additional reliability. Baumer hhs can provide control signals for one or two ejectors or marking systems. And if a defective product is not ejected, the Baumer hhs system stops the feeder.


Production log

The system stores all events and offers the option of saving images of each product for documentation purposes or for generating a production log. Hence, you can always provide proof for your customers.