Print finishing (post press, bindery)

Solutions for folding units and mailing production
Fold gluing by non-contact nozzle application on folding machines and mailers.

From simple one-head systems or spine gluing of 8- to 16-page brochures, all the way to complex applications in the direct-mail sector with code reading and glue monitoring.

Baumer hhs gluing and quality assurance systems are successfully used on folding machines and mailers from all major manufacturers and have established a new standard in print finishing.

The demands on the economic efficiency and precision of fold gluing in sheet processing call for a sophisticated system concept. Whatever your application, be it mailings, envelopes, shippers, card and product samples, card lamination, auxiliary, spine or side gluing – Baumer hhs designs and produces the technology that guarantees you a permanent competitive advantage.


Cold glue

Electric and electro-pneumatic cold-glue application heads ensure rapid, precise gluing in the form of dot, line, coating and spray application. Pressure tanks with volumes between 1 and 15 litres are used for simple, cost effective glue delivery systems for low-viscosity adhesives designed for low pressures of up to 6 bar. For higher viscosities, or higher glue consumption, 2:1 or 6:1 pumps are available with attachments for 30 kg glue tubs.


Control system

Baumer hhs gluing controllers can be retrofitted on existing machines from any manufacturer. The sensors and encoders supplied acquire all controller input variables. The controller then opens the glue application heads in very rapid succession on the basis of the input signals. This results in a constant glue pattern on every product in series production. The controller and the machine can exchange further information electronically in both directions.


Hot melt 

In addition to the new melters, the Xmelt® family of carefully coordinated systems consists of temperature-controlled hoses and a wide range of application heads with mounting brackets and nozzles to suit all requirements. The system's intelligence makes it possible to optimise the necessary system settings automatically. The choice of application heads ranges from fine dot and line application, coating and multi-application heads to Spiramelt fine swirl application. Thanks to its modular structure, the system constantly adapts itself to your needs.


Water Scoring

Water scoring or softening is used to reduce the tension in the spine of pharmaceutical leaflets. The products lie flatter and are easier to process further down the line.


Quality assurance

Baumer hhs quality assurance components are optimally matched to the needs of the market – be it glue monitoring, code reading or the ejection of defective products. The components fulfil all the requirements of practical operation. The QA systems combine gluing, glue monitoring and code reading in a single system with central administration. These systems are equipped with a two-stage defect warning system: the first stage is a visual alarm for defective products, with additional ejection or marking at the end of the station, depending on requirements. The second stage is a feeder stop, activated if multiple defects occur.

The non-contact Vario glue® system allows production without impairing sheet travel and machine speed, requiring minimum setup and cleaning times. Standard packages are available for all machine types for the majority of applications. Special configurations can be put together quickly and inexpensively on the basis of a modular system. With code reading, glue monitoring and cameras on request.



Remoist, pick & place:

products: selfmailer, for closing envelopes; application of products like e.g. postcards, samples etc.; closing dots, auxiliary gluing,...