Reliable production with Baumer hhs

In many areas, of the production of a pharmaceutical packaging are systems from Baumer hhs in use and provide faultless products from folding box, up to finished product.




End-of-line packaging

Tamper Evidence

Starting in 2019, all prescription medicines must have a tamper evidence feature to comply with EU Directive 2011/62/EU. A CEN/DIN standard is currently being finalised in order to give manufacturers clarity regarding the requirements. Baumer hhs has played a major role in elaborating this standard.
So, all solutions offered by Baumer hhs comply with this standard.

One solution that guarantees tamper evidence according to the standard is the gluing of folding cartons. Hot melt, PUR hot melt, cold glue, and also a combination of glues, can be used. The application of these adhesives is the core competence of Baumer hhs.

Our specialists would be pleased to visit you to work out the solution that best suits your product and your production, and how it can be integrated into your packaging line.

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Post Press

Systems from Baumer hhs have become indispensable in the production of pharmaceutical leaflets.

Besides the Xcam camera solution for preventing mix-ups, water scoring application heads and cold glue application heads are used. The production of leaflets with up to 320 pages/panels would be inconceivable without appropriate water scoring heads. Furthermore, package inserts and outserts can be reversibly closed by means of cost-effective and economical latex cold glue.