Top and bottom gluing of folding cartons by non-contact application

Increasing production speeds and growing demands on quality, flexibility and productivity call for the latest gluing technologies.

The Baumer hhs system permits highly accurate gluing without contacting the blank at any speed. The closed system minimises cleaning and setup times. It permits continuous gluing without rejects, from machine standstill to the maximum speed of more than 700 m/min, and makes it possible to manufacture even the most complicated products. The equipment used for this purpose is a modular system comprising high-pressure adhesive supply, fast-acting and wear-free electromagnetic application heads and a user-friendly control unit that permits job changes at the push of a button.

The manufacturing process for the production of folding cartons is becoming technically more and more elaborate and placing ever higher demands on gluing and quality assurance systems. A modern, powerful system that can cope with the toughest technical demands of high-speed, fully automated machines is available in the form of the modular Xtend system.



Gluing of folding cartons

Folder gluers process carton blanks from die cut sheets, folding and gluing them into a finished product. In the case of cartons for branded goods or pharmaceutical products, the folding cartons are subsequently erected and filled in automatic packing machines. Many cartons require folding at several points, in and transversely to the machine direction, before the glue is applied. The carton is prepared for trouble-free erection in this way.

Use of hot melt

Hot melt is characterised by its particularly fast curing and its ability to even glue impermeable materials, such as foils. In special designs, it is also used together with dispersion glue. In this way, the point of adhesion is rapidly fixed, so that the two glued surfaces do not shift, or even come apart, before the cold glue has cured.


Use of cold glue

Cold or dispersion glue is used because it is inexpensive, simple to process and offers long-term stability of the point of adhesion. The robust glue application heads from Baumer hhs guarantee the greatest possible production reliability with minimum maintenance. The application quantity is adapted to suit the product and the machine speed at all times. The most minute quantities of glue are applied in dot mode.


Securing product quality

Optional monitoring systems from Baumer hhs examine each passing product for predefined criteria. Code readers identify the packaging in order to avoid mix-ups, and glue sensors check the correct application of the glue before closure. Defective products are ejected without stopping the machine.

Every system can be expanded to include additional modules. Bottom gluing units with one or two nozzles are available, as are individually programmable multi-application heads. Combined application of cold glue and hot melt is also possible.

An optional, integrated system for code reading, side seam detection or data logging ensures defect-free production. With cameras on request.



Sample counter
The sample counter counts the loaded folding cartons with the help of a light barrier.
Samples are randomly determined by the system throughout the production process and removed manually after reaching the tracking point. The number of samples to be taken is specified in the system.
For use with all folder gluers.


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