– the innovative Baumer hhs FFG adhesive application system for simple switching from top-down to bottom-up gluing


Non-contact adhesive application for inner and outer flaps in corrugated packaging.
Outer flap gluing is frequently used when producing corrugated boxes and other packagings made of corrugated board, in order to make optimum use of the volume of the packagings. With Inverto, processors of corrugated board can upgrade their FFGs to include this option, without having to install a second drive unit in their FFGs. The investment costs are low, and only little installation effort is required.
Innovative quick-action locks are used to simplify the switchover – the application head merely has to be released, repositioned, and locked in place again. The whole procedure takes next to no time. Short make ready times and flexibility with the easy switching also at the Xtend² controller.
100% monitoring of adhesive with the optional tried-and-tested MLT-40 sensors for a maximum of process safety.
Inverto as a sytem is for new FFGs and also a possibility for retrofits.


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