Top-quality corrugated board flap gluing

Gluing without waste – Benefits with real payback


Blank guide: Robust and without contact

Multi-bead, non-contact gluing. The gluing station, installed either on the drive side or the operator side, does not impede the blank's travel. You can apply adhesive dots or beads of different lengths to the glue flap as desired. When the gluing system is idle, the application heads are automatically moved into a parking position with a water bath. This avoids blocked nozzles. Inside stickers are a thing of the past, thanks to the exact positioning of the glue beads. Gluing can be controlled by sensors or a camera system.

Multi-application head: Fast, precise and efficient

The robust cold glue application heads have extremely high reserve capacity and guarantee maximum production reliability with minimum maintenance. The Dot Mode allows application of the tiniest amounts of glue. If more is needed, the optimised flow through the head offers sufficient setting options in combination with the maximum glue pressure of 50 bar.


Control: Central operation of all functions

Very simple operation via touch screen. Store your jobs at the push of a button and retrieve them for repeat jobs. Assuming an unchanged blank shape, gluing is performed fully automatically. Always with the same precise positioning. Alternatively, you can operate and monitor glue application from the central control console. Two versions are available: for wall mounting or as a mobile desktop unit.


Glue supply: Electronic pressure regulation

Consistent glue quantities. Piston pumps with pressure regulation allow the glue pressure – and thus the applied glue quantity – to be adapted to the machine speed. The glue can be drawn from containers or from a pipeline, depending on requirements.


Multi-bead sensor: Monitoring of glue application

Better safe, than sorry. Glue application can be checked for critical jobs. Is the adhesive everywhere it needs to be? Is there glue on parts of the blank where no glue should be? A sensor on the control unit decides in a split second whether the blank needs to be sorted out. Skew products are also detected in this way.


Camera module: Evaluation with live image monitoring

The integrated system shows the operator a live image of the glued flap, evaluates various attributes and, if required, saves these images for documentation or for creating a production log. So, you can always provide proof for your customers.