Glue Line Detection JET

The function of glue application heads control allows to identify glue types (cold and hot-melt types of gluing) on different workpiece, as well as to estimate glue position and type on the workpiece. Glue Vision Jet Module checks glue on all products which have passed the machine. The device checks whether the actual values of the given parameters are within the acceptable limits set by the operator.

Glue sensor with InterActive communication


All Baumer hhs sensors are equipeed with an electronic finger print, which makes them singular. The Xtend² System detects when connected automatically the system configuration. This reduces setup substantially and watches working hours of the sensors. Safety first! The same security that your end customers demand from you has been integrated in the entire process chain by Baumer hhs. Intelligent sensors leave nothing to chance and create total security from inlay to end customer.

Concern yourself with what’s essential - Xtend² keeps your machine running.

Hot melt Sensor

The first sensor, that can detect even smallest dots of hot melt reliably. Named HLT-300 a sensor with integrated interpretation electronics.

Xtend Hot-melt Sensor

While Baumer hhs focuses on humidity for detection of cold glue, the new sensor for detection of hot-melt operates thermally. This ensures the HLT-300 can detect hot-melt coating with the same precision as interrupted lines or small dots. Especially with small dot detection so far all available sensors were overstrained, since thermal detection and low volumes in dot application seemed to exclude each other.


As soon as the operator defines the tolerance for optimum hot-melt application, the sensor electronics operate autarkic. Instead of low level signals and amplifier boxes, with the new HLT-300 the decision whether glued good or bad comes within the sensor  - the answer is purely digital. From this starting point it processes undisturbed digital signals. This results in data freed from usual limitations in product speed, dot space and eliminates influences from rough industry ambience. Wrong glued products can be detected after the „Fail Safe Principle“. Now also manufacturers processing hot-melt get close to the desired dispatch of 100% quality products.


Within the 20 by 40 millimetre small housing the Baumer hhs developers also integrated useful tools for daily work. A laser facilitates mechanic adjustments, an integrated light barrier detects exact product length and transmits it digitally via a separate outlet.


- All in One sensor + logik + user interface integrated

- Mini housing small design

- Teach In- Funktion simple teach-in of hot-melt application by pressing a button

- Display integrated signal and level display

- Digitale output simple evalution for machine control

- Laser allows  precision positioning

- Object-Signal additional output for product detectition


Baumer hhs defines itself as complete supplier for all requirements on glue- and detection systems and as competent partner in the whole packaging range in solid board and corrugated. The product portfolio reaches from glue delivery in cold and hotmelt technology and their respektive application heads, via graphical user interfaces up to sensors and analysis processors for the automatic product tracking and ejection of erroneous products.

DISC: Side Seam Detection

Micro Wave Sensor LNT 300
Xtend2 detects connected sensors

DISC controls flat glue lines using microwave sensors.

Glue control sensors can be connected to the Glue Vision Disc Module for controlling folding carton gluing processes. Principle of operation of the glue line detection function allows to identify glue types, even when used with different types of cartons, as well as to estimate glue position, form and quantity.

- Glue detection and quantity check on complete glue flap length
- Time stop function
- Sequential errors detection with automatic feeder stop
- Data storage
- Statistics (glue errors, length errors, gap errors)
- Microwave sensor LNT 10 (photo)

Multi bead sensor: Monitor glue application

MLT 40

Control is better. Online inspection for all critical jobs. Is the adhesive everywhere it needs to be? Is glue on parts of the blank where no glue should be? An integrated sensor, together with the controller, decides in split seconds whether each box complies with the set standards.