Web offset printing / Rotogravure printing

Web Offset
Gluing in Web Offset Printing
Book production
Gluing in Book Manufacture

Fold gluing and softening (water scoring) of 8- to 64-page products on web offset presses.

The focus is on reliability, simple operation, flexibility and maintenance-friendliness. Identically designed, non-contact, electromagnetic application heads are used for both gluing and softening.

This solution guarantees the shortest possible glue bead interruptions at maximum machine speed, while its virtually wear-free operation without moving seals allows machine downtimes to be minimised.

Suitable dispersion glues from any manufacturer can be processed, being reliably delivered by dependable membrane pumps from a system cabinet, glue tub or container. The switch for changing between glue and softener is located close to the application head, thus accelerating cleaning and making for a neat, compact system.

A flexible, modular bracket system that is individually adapted to each machine permits precise manual or automatic linear displacement of the application head. The compact design of the head and the bracket even permits installation deep in the folder former.



Solutions for book production

Baumer hhs systems for non-contact gluing are successfully used in industrial bookbinding for endsheet gluing, card gluing, headbanding and tubes. Low maintenance effort, lower glue consumption and the closed system make Baumer hhs a more efficient alternative to conventional roller application.