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Gluing in Web Offset Printing
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Gluing in Book Manufacture
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Spine and tack gluing of multi-page web offset signatures


Baumer hhs' electromagnetic, non-contact (or contact) glue application technology adapts itself perfectly to the high speed, intermittent gluing of web inserts and signatures. The ultra high cycle rate required to skip folding knives or to tack signatures for post processing offer powerful competitive advantages to web offset manufacturers. Their compact size allows positioning the DLK guns inside the former nose.


The use of locally available adhesives avoids shipping delays. System layouts for most fold configurations are available.


Solutions for Book Manufacture

Baumer hhs systems for non-contact gluing are being successfully exploited in industrial bookbinding for flyleaf gluing, card tipping, and tubes. Low maintenance costs, lower glue consumption and a sealed system make Baumer hhs a more efficient alternative to conventional pad or roller glue application.